Beef with Broccoli


Top Round: 1 lb or 452 g (sliced)
Salt: 1 tsp
Garlic Powder: 1 tsp
Baking Soda: 1/8 tsp (sodium bicarbonate)
White Pepper: A pinch
Water: 1/3 cup or 79 mL
Corn Starch: 1/4 cup or 59 g
Veg. Oil: 2 tbsp
Broccoli: 1 head
Carrots: 1/4 of a carrot (sliced)
Brown Sauce: 1 cup or 237 mL or more
Sesame Oil: 1 tsp
Potato Starch: about 1 tbsp
Water: 1 tbsp
Veg. Oil for frying


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